IMG_1186-1024x683 Senior Arielle Blake and Junior Bailey Austin listen to the Buncombe County Commissioners meeting regarding the fate of Zeugner Pool. Blake, Austin and several other protestors from West Henderson, T.C. Roberson, A.C. Reynolds and the surrounding community wore goggles around their necks in support of keeping Zeugner open after Buncombe County manager Wanda Greene announced that the pool would be closed. Photo by Ari Sen.

The commissioners meeting was one of my very first photojournalism assignment. Me and fellow staff member Emily Treadway traveled to Buncombe County to attend the meeting and hear various community speak. Along with us we brought our cameras and snapped a couple of shots. I really like this particular shot because it is news-worthy (in fact our local newspaper printed a similar shot on their website) and really captures the emotions that members of the surrounding high school swim teams felt. After a long process, the commissioners decided to keep Zeugner open until 2017. 

_DSC7123 Junior George Tsakalos swims the 100 yard butterfly at the Kingsport Aquatic Center in eastern T.N. Tsakalos helped the lead the swim team to victory at their first meet of the season in east T.N. Photo by Ari Sen.

I like this image because it truly captures the intensity of swimming. As a member of the swim team and a photojournalist, I wanted to capture what it is like swim that hard to be just a few seconds quicker.


Singing Man
A French man stands in front of a monument to the victims of the attacks in Paris and sings the French National Anthem in Disney World’s Epcot Theme Park. The day after the attacks in Paris that killed 130 people from 26 countries Disney showed solidarity with the victims by lighting up the replica Eiffel Tower in the French part of its Epcot Theme Park in the colors of the French Flag. Photo by Ari Sen.

It had been a long day at the journalism conference and I was looking forward to a wonderful night of play in Disney World. I was standing in line waiting for the ferry when a friend told me about the attacks. I pulled up a live stream as I boarded the boat and listened to the two French broadcasters relay the horror. I was shocked and scared by what I heard until the next day when in Epcot the man came out and draped the flag and laid the hand drawn signs. He began to sing in a language foreign to my ear. I soon recognized he was singing the French National Anthem and I raised my camera to take this shot. This man helped me to understand the bond we all share together as global citizens of one world.

True Patriot
Junior Samuel Littauer carries an American Flag to wave in support of the West football team as they take on the North Henderson Knights. The Falcons won the game 14-0. Photo by Ari Sen.

I love this image because of the patriotism and school pride it conveys. Our school colors are red white and blue so it is a tradition for one of our students to bring an American Flag to run across the track every time our teams scores a touchdown. The student pictured is Samuel Littauer, who is perhaps the most well-liked person at West Henderson and someone who has really become synonymous with our school. As a staff we also liked this image so much we decided to use it the image for the cover of the first issue of our redesigned newsmagazine .

The Laugh
Nick Jones, Tristan Thomas and Sam Staton sit down for lunch after working at one of the houses being renovated by St. Bernard’s Project in New Orleans. St Bernard’s Project is a non-profit organization that helps to provide low-income housing to people whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Photo by Ari Sen.

 I love the expression on Tristan’s face in contrast to Nick and Sam’s faces and how it really breathes life and color into this black and white image. I also love how you can distinctly place it in New Orleans based on the mossy tree above their heads and the fleur-de-lis on the fence behind them. I also love how they are looking up. To me almost seems like they are looking at the face of God, which is reflected in their faces. Nick has a look of cynical contemplation, Tristan one of complete joy and Sam one of happy bewilderment.



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