Design: 2016 issue 1 cover

Design. November 2015, Wingspan Issue 1.

This is the cover for the very first issue of the redesigned Wingspan. After the end of my junior year I knew that I wanted to make some pretty radical changes to our newsmagazine, so I began to brainstorm new ideas for us to implement. I knew that the first thing to do was to design a brand new nameplate, like I had done with our website. Five months later we had finally selected a font we could all agree on. Once we picked the nameplate everything else sort of fell into place. We made the decision to use a photo I had taken at the football game at North Henderson, which we felt was a good fit for the stories in the issue. I got to work laying out the page and put the same bar with a transparency we used for the table of contents to tease what was going to be in the issue. 


Issue 1 page 1 copy


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