Work for the Westwind yearbook staff: Littauer profile

2016 Westwind yearbook. 

This is a profile I wrote for the mini-magazine embedded within the 2016 Westwind yearbook. The profile is on Samuel and Rebekah Littauer. The Littauers are an extraordinary family- the eight children all have various different accomplishments all of them more spectacular than you can imagine. 

Bears and torn boots, sickness and extreme cold, rain and hundreds of miles — 46 Adirondack High Peaks to be climbed, conquered and counted off the list. This is a goal Samuel and Rebekah Littauer worked toward for several summers.

“The goal to become a ‘46er’ had always been in the back of our heads, but it was fully realized a few years back after we had climbed about four mountains together,” junior Samuel Littauer said. “Climbing the High Peaks is a real challenge.”

Climbing all 46 High Peaks has become somewhat of a family tradition for the Littauers. In addition to Rebekah and Samuel, Elizabeth, Joshua, Nathanael, Sarah, Margaret-Ann and their father, Jeff, have climbed some or all of the 46 mountain peaks.

“Getting to do it with my family is super special,” Samuel, who has climbed 38 of the 46 peaks, said. His younger sister Rebekah, a sophomore, has climbed 25. Each summer brings new stories, new challenges and new peaks to climb. One of the toughest challenges was hiking over Mount Marcy, the highest of the 46 peaks.

“One time when I was taking a ten day trip on Mount Marcy, and it was raining so the bald face of the rock was really slick. I slipped and my hiking boot tore in half. The sole hit a sharp rock and split in half. The rest of the trip I hiked in Chacos.”

Rebekah recalled a time when she was hiking with her father. “We went with my dad, and it was raining, and that night I couldn’t sleep at all. I had more than 40 mosquito bites on my legs. The next morning we hiked four mountains. I hadn’t really eaten anything, so I started to throw up in the water source, which something you don’t want to do.” she said. “We were still 10 miles away. The pace I maintained was probably the fastest I have ever hiked.”

The Littauers share a love for the New York mountains hundreds of miles away. “Each mountain has a different story, and when you look out from the top, you remember all the stories and all the memories you’ve had on those mountains.” Rebekah said. “We don’t hike for the views. We hike because we love it.”




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